Live Outside Your Head

Atlas is a guided audio journal that helps you live with more purpose, resilience, and joy.

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Everyone wants to live a good life but what exactly does that mean and where do you start?

Atlas guides you through questions about your identity, stressors, goals and learnings for the day. You answer back in your own voice. This process of acknowledging your inner dialogue is central to therapy, philosophy, and spiritual traditions across time and geography. 



How It Works


Once a week, we release a new Atlas Audio that explores an important aspect of your identity.



You’ll explore your identity through a series of episodes. Each episode dives into a specific topic such as the people in your life, the ways you spend your time, or your hopes and dreams for the future.





During each episode, you’ll learn more about yourself by talking through a series of questions. Addressing these questions truthfully will help you notice a bit more clearly what the particular parts of your life mean to you.



 Why Speak Out Loud?

It’s easy to get really stressed when you have too much on your mind. Vocalizing your thoughts forces you to concretely articulate and free ideas that are often left cluttered and half-baked in your head. You might find the act of speaking out loud unfamiliar at first, but you’ll ease into it as you flow into your train of thought. The more you speak, the better you’ll get at understanding how you think about yourself, others, and the world around you.



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